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What is a House Party?

It’s actually super simple: it’s getting together with others to watch Church Online together, connect with God through music, and have conversations! It could be 4 people, or 10 people, or 25 people! It could be in a living room, at someone’s office, or in a neighborhood clubhouse. If you’d like to invite your friends to watch Church Online today with you, then that makes you a perfect House Party host, and we would love to help resource you. Get more info about starting a House Party here. Do you love the idea of hanging out and doing life together with friends, but don’t live near all of them or prefer to stay in your own house? You might be the perfect candidate to host one of our virtual House Parties where you can enjoy church together with your friends completely virtually! Let us know you’re interested by filling out this form.

Why do you do House Parties?

House Parties serve many purposes, but first and foremost they are a chance to experience the love of Jesus with others. When people join together in community to pursue Jesus, they are the church. House Parties allow people to find this type of community and build meaningful relationships when they don’t live near a physical Next Level Church location or are unable to attend in person for any reason. Developing community is essential to discovering and following Jesus, and House Parties are simply another opportunity to do so.

When do House Parties meet?

House Parties meet anytime and anywhere! That is the beautiful thing about a House Party, they can meet anywhere there is a gathering space for people to connect (including virtually). So pick your favorite social media platform, coffee shop, library, or even the comfort of your home and start your House Party!

Who can attend a House Party?

House Parties are open to anyone and everyone! Whether you are interested in hosting a House Party or leading one, take a moment and fill out this form.

How can I sign up for a House Party?

Signing up for a House Party is easy. Click here to fill out this form and one of our House Party Hosts will be in touch!

Can I start a House Party?

Yes! If you’d like to invite your friends to enjoy church with you, then that makes you a perfect party host and we’re excited you’re interested! We’d like to get to know you a little, so if you could fill out this quick form, we’ll be in touch with resources to help you! And don’t worry, this isn’t a lifetime commitment – it just means you want more information. All you need is to have a group of people ready to invite and a laptop and we can help you with the rest.

Who is expected to attend my House Party?

Your House Party is exactly that – YOUR party. You decide who to invite and when it happens. Like all good parties, personal invitations are the most important part. Don’t throw a party alone – that’s lame. If you want us to help connect you others in your community who are looking for a party, we will, but this is totally optional and most people simply invite those they already know!

What does a typical House Party schedule look like?

Most House Parties like to give themselves a few minutes to gather together and connect before they start the church experience. The typical experience, which is made of up music and teaching from the Bible, usually lasts 45-60 minutes. Most groups tend to hang out afterwards and discuss that day’s message and how it might apply to their lives (a lot of House Parties enjoy coffee or light snacks before or after as well). The before and after is up to each party to determine, although we do provide discussion guides and resources to help those who want to dig deeper into each message.

How would I be resourced if I lead one?

We have a team dedicated to resourcing our House Party hosts every week. From the weekly teaching, to encouraging messages, to community and relationships, we are here to help. Once you start leading you will be given access to resources to help you on a weekly basis.

How do I give?

Most of Next Level Church gives online, and the same opportunity is available to anyone at a House Party as well. From any location in the world you can find all the ways to give at

How often do House Parties meet?

Ideally a house party will meet weekly, but some meet only a few times per month. The important thing is consistency. Set a time and location your guests can easily remember and stick with it!

What if I don't live near a Next Level Church location?

You can host a House Party from wherever you are (or even online)! Simply fill out this form and we will help you get started.

Are my kids allowed to come?

Yes! We have put considerable time and resources toward producing NLC Kids content that will engage our children and provide families a way to attend church together, as a family! NLC Kids content is available weekly as on-demand content to all House Party hosts.