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House Parties

Church Anywhere. Church Together.
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House Parties exist to…

Build Community

Community matters. In seasons like this, it is so easy to feel alone, but community doesn’t have to be on pause! If anything, we need each other more than ever before. House Parties are a great place to make friends who can celebrate the good days with us and help pick us up on the bad days.

Grow Your Faith

Disciple is just a fancy word for someone who follows Jesus and His teachings. Wherever you are in your journey – from asking questions about who Jesus even is to having spent decades learning to live like Jesus – House Parties are the perfect place for others to help you take steps along your personal path to discover who Jesus is to you and to grow deeper.

Change the World

One of the most meaningful things we can do here on earth is to make a difference. That might mean being a crying shoulder to someone having a hard day, supporting a cause you believe in, serving your community, or helping someone in need with your talents or resources. House Parties are the place where you can discover needs around you and, more importantly, discover how God has equipped you to leave a significant mark on the world around you!